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Cleanse your skin 101

Skincare 101 - How do you double cleanse your skin?

So, what is double cleansing and why should it be a part of your skincare routine? Double cleansing is a gentle yet effective way to ensure cleaner skin. Yes, it does take extra time but, your skin will thank you for not falling asleep with a face full of makeup, dirt and grime. If you only ...
Double cleansing how to guide. Skincare 101 tips.

What is the best alternative to the Clarisonic cleansing brush?

Although we have to say goodbye to the infamous Clarsionic brand at the end of September 2020, worry not because we have a better facial cleansing brush alternative for you! Clarisonic hit the "cleansing brush" scene around 2004 and became very popular around 2007. So why is the brand going out of business now?