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What is the best alternative to the Clarisonic cleansing brush?



 Clarisonic Brand

Although we have to say goodbye to the infamous Clarisonic brand at the end of September 2020, worry not because we have a better facial cleansing brush alternative for you!

Clarisonic hit the "cleansing brush" scene around 2004 and became very popular around 2007. So why is the brand going out of business now?

 Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

Lets look at a couple things that they didnt have quite right:

1) Clarisonic uses nylon bristles. Why is this a problem? Nylon is a type of plastic and comes from crude oil. It is not a sustainable material and it is not anti-bacterial.

So what does that mean for your face? Clarisonic brushes require replacement heads because of the nylon bristles wearing down and clumping together over time. This is not a treat for your face whatsoever! Bacteria will build up on the nylon bristles over time if not properly washed or replaced. Water will not do the job.

2) Clarisonic Brushes require an added expense to buy a replacement brush head. On top of splurging on the device you have to invest extra money to buy replacement heads every so often.

This falls into the category of the "fast beauty" trend. The nylon bristles coupled with needing replacement brush heads every so often is not a sustainable practice and is just plain wasteful.

Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush


Alternatively, our Skin Lord Co Cleansing Brush does not use nylon bristles and does not require replacement brush heads.

Why does this matter?

As a beauty brand focused on being kinder to our planet and to you, we thinks its important not to follow the "fast beauty" trend.

Our cleansing brushes are made with hypo-allergenic & anti-bacterial high-grade silicone. You never have to worry about the bristles clumping together or getting bacteria build-up on your brush or skin!

Our Skin Lord Co Cleansing Brush is not only 100% Waterproof but one charge lasts you an average of 2 weeks. Our innovative brush combines Sonic Vibration Technology with Heat Warmth Activation to not only clean your skin in minutes but, the natural stone helps your skincare absorb better.

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