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About Us

Behind the Brand

Skin Lord Co is not your average beauty company. As an innovative beauty brand, we want to represent and reflect the belief that, you deserve to have beautiful skin and your skincare routine should be a hassle-free experience.

We were completely new to the beauty industry when we started our company but, have become experts in the process. Our Founder, Jacklyne suffered with acne for many years and her skin healing journey began with trying to find a convenient and affordable at home skincare solution. A daily cleansing routine combined with the right beauty tools allowed her to heal her skin. This is how the idea of Skin Lord Co came to fruition.

Our Mission

We have made it our mission to help you reclaim time for your skin; helping you feel more confident and love the skin you're in! We are a woman owned and operated company based in Los Angeles, California. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive company that offers products for people with all skin types and we will meet you wherever you are in your skincare journey.


Sustainability and avoiding plastics is part of our mission to see a cleaner and more environmentally friendly world. We do not use any plastic in our packaging to avoid unnecessary waste. All of our boxes, inserts and shipping materials are designed with bio-degradable or recyclable materials.

With Care,


The Skin Lord Co Family