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Skin Lord Co Cleansing Brush

  • $83.00

Step 1) Before first use, fully charge the device then unplug from the power source. Power on the device by holding down the power button for a couple of seconds.

Step 2) Submerge device in water and add a dab of your cleanser on top of the silicone bristles.

Step 3) Increase the modes of vibration of the bristles by pressing the M button up to 5 times. Set the speed to your liking and then cleanse your face and neck. It should take less than a few minutes to remove makeup and skincare products.

Step 4) Clean your face with a towel and wash off the device with water.

Step 5) Turn on the heated rose quartz stone by pressing the power button twice. A faint red light will appear and then wait about 15-30 seconds for the stone to heat up completely.

Step 6) Add your favorite serum, oil or moisturizer directly on top of the stone or on your skin. Then rub the product into your skin using the heated rose quartz stone until the product is fully absorbed. We recommend starting out with a small amount of product first.

Step 7) Wash off the device with water and then hold down the power button until the device is powered off.

Step 8) Wipe the device off with a towel and then store it in the duster bag provided with your package or you can leave it standing at your sink or in the shower.

•  Sonic Vibration Technology
•  7,000+ cleansing pulses per minute
•  5 ultra-sonic cleansing modes
•  Heated rose quartz stone
•  Large and raised mini-brush head
•  Anti-bacterial, ultra-hygienic silicone
•  100% IPX7 Waterproof Technology
•  Ergonomic, slightly bendable design
•  No replacement heads or parts required
•  Self-standing sucker base
Portable + USB rechargeable
  Promotes skin rejuvenation
  Removes makeup & skincare products
  Fights acne causing bacteria
  Increases collagen production
  Promotes skincare absorption
  More vibrant complexion
  Reduces blackheads
  Removes dry, dead skin
  Helps relieve facial tension

Cleansing Brush User Manual